When the first Magnavox Odyssey—the first home video game console in the world—was first introduced in 1972, people didn’t expect it to come to much.At first, sales were weak.The idea met with little support, and few dared to venture into the technology business and develop the necessary software and applications to allow users to play with the "little machine."

Can you imagine being part of a professional eSports team?

You may have dreamed of going beyond your computer screen to become of one of those professional gamers you see filling eSports events stadiums.

If you’re planning on coming to Tenerife on holidays, maybe you should consider bringing some basic notions of eSports (as well as sun protection, because the sun can be pretty strong depending on the time of year).
At present, and with a view to the future, ICTs (information and communication technologies) are widespread in the tourism sector, becoming a key tool and a fundamental ally to be connected with the tourist before, during and after their trip.

"The market for ICT investment in Tenerife is becoming stronger thanks to its communication with Europe, Africa and Latin America; with a relationship of quality, cost and human capital that is difficult to match".

The digital economy and information and communications technologies is an essential requirement for creating a forward-looking production model that advances by leaps and bounds, to compete in an increasingly more globalized world.
An ​excellent reputation abroad, attractive tax incentives, and the island’s experienced companies and professionals are just some of the reasons Tenerife has become a place of reference for the sector or, as some have said, why it’s become the new Spanish Hollywood.
The Canary Islands served as the setting for 71 audiovisual productions in 2018, more than double the thirty works produced in 2017. In all, a total of 1,000 productions have been shot on the islands since the year 2000.
Tenerife is a virtual set and a source of resources for the film industry.In addition to offering infrastructures that facilitate the process of developing audiovisual works, Tenerife’s place in the film industry is gaining international recognition thanks to the opportunities generated by a new activity within the audiovisual sector: the animation and video game industry.