Why settle in the INtech Tenerife science and technology park?

Geostrategic situation: the most important tourist destination for Europe, with 12 million passengers per year, 160 direct air routes, 3 ports and 2 international airports.

First level connectivity and computing infrastructures.

Best taxation in Europe:

  • Special Zone of the Canary Islands (ZEC): 4% Company
    Tax for registered companies.
  • Free Zone (ZFT): Exemptions from import and export rights.
  • 7% IGIC versus 21% VAT
  • RIC (Investment Reserve): allows up to 90% of tax savings.
  • No withholding taxes.
  • Large deductions (up to 45%) for investment in R & D, Innovation Activities and Audiovisuals.

R&D and Innovation transfer of cutting-edge research by the prestigious Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute (IAC), the University of La Laguna (ULL), the ITER and the Spanish Research Council (CSIC), among others.

Mechanisms of acceleration and accompaniment of companies.

Top-level professionals on demand.

And high quality of life.

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