Granadilla Location



Granadilla de Abona


Parque Tecnológico Sur


TFS Airport: 15 min.
TFN Airport: 45 min.


Land and plots: 300,000m2 for companies.




23º average/annual

The Granadilla Location is on the outskirts of Granadilla de Abona, the third largest municipality on the island of Tenerife and the first municipality in the world to be recognized as a Starlight Tourist Destination.

It is near the Granadilla Free Port and has more than 300,000m2 available for innovative and technology companies in the strategic sectors promoted by INtech Tenerife, especially those involved in Renewable Energy, the Environment, Earth and Cosmos.

This location is also home to the Tenerife Technological Institute of Renewable Energy (known in Spanish as ITER), whose official headquarters has been located at INtech Tenerife since 2008.

On this same plot, INtech plans to construct a new building that will serve as Granadilla’s Science and Technology Magnet, currently in the planning stage.

Land and Plots

The land and plots in this location are dedicated to Research and Development and the edificability ratio varies between 1 and 1.5, depending on the plot, with a maximum buildable height of 3 floors (11m).

Intervention in the remaining plots is pending the corresponding urban planning formalities; we are ready to proceed with the formalities for the urban planning project.

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Granadilla Enclave

Granadilla de Abona

INtech Tenerife’s customers at every location have access to a range of advanced services and entrepreneurship programs offered by INTech Tenerife’s specialized experts, and the cost of these services and programs is included in the rental fee.