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Guide: Tenerife, a place to BE.
5 + 1 reasons to work in Tenerife

If your are thinking about set up your business or expanding your company globally download our guide: Tenerife, a place to BE. 5 + 1 reasons to work in Tenerife.

INtech Tenerife, the island’s Science and Technology Park, offers a high concentration of global innovative and technological companies dedicated to researching, developing and producing exceptional applied technology.

Our main aim  is promoting knowledge transfer and helping to recruit specialized talent.

Furtheremore, Tenerife ranks 21 on the Nomad List as the best destination in which to “Live, work and enjoy life”, but, which are the reasons?
In this guide you will find 5 reasons + 1 which will convince you that Tenerife is the best place for set up your business.

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